Sonus Paradisi uses encryption on the new sample sets

The sample sets released in 2014 by Sonus Paradisi will use the Hauptwerk proprietary encryption. In recent voting, the majority of Sonus Paradisi sample set users expressed their opinion that I should use the encryption to protect the sample sets from unauthorized use, thus protecting also the investment of my customers into these sample sets.

Time will show whether this decision is a good decision. I will closely watch how the encryption affects the success of Sonus Paradisi sample sets and within two years (Deo dante) I will make a new judgment on this matter, based on the data which I will obtain by that time.

In past, I have used the encryption for the Freiberg sample set, because the use of the encryption was stipulated by the real instrument owner. They allowed me to release the sample set at the condition of the encrypted Hauptwerk format.

I have released now the first sample set of the year 2014 (Zwolle v.2.5) and it is using the Hauptwerk-dongle based encryption. I am eager to see if and how the encryption will affect the market. There is a good comparison possible: I have released Caen v.2.5 recently, and unencrypted. Both sample sets are extremely popular, the improvements of both the sample sets are very similar, so they should both do roughly the same.