Hildesheim - Beckerath Sample Set - Free Demo

The Hildesheim Sample Set of R. von Beckerath organ has a demo available for free. 21 stops, i.e. one third of the virtual organ is given for free to everyone, including the tremulant samples and all perspectives. The demo sample set forms a rich 3 manual instrument, including two plena (HW and RW) and several reed stops. The specification of the free sample set:

I  Rückpositiv C–g3 II Hauptwerk C–g3 III Oberwerk C–g3 Pedal C–f1
Prinzipal 8′ Prinzipal 16′ Holzflöte 8′ Oktave 16′
Rohrflöte 8′ Oktave 8′ Rohrflöte 4′ Oktave 8′
Oktave 4′ Oktave 4′ Hohlflöte 2′ Oktave 4′
Quintflöte 2 23 Oktave 2′ Tremulant Nachthorn 2′
Oktave 2′ Mixtur VI 2′
Scharfmixtur V 1 13 Trompete 16′
Dulzian 16′ Trompete 8′

The free sample set is to be ordered from the dedicated web page.