How to install a sample set

Installation Details

The Hauptwerk documentation contains detailed instructions on installing models, but here is a summary of the process.

  • Note: The installation of the sample set is done completely from within Hauptwerk. There is no need for you to manually unpack the RAR files first. But you will need to know the location where you downloaded the packages. All the packages should be downloaded into a single folder on your computer. For details on downloading, see the points 9-11 of the order page.

To install the files:

  1. Start Hauptwerk.
  2. Select the File menu, and then select "Install organ ...".
  3. Hauptwerk opens a dialog box. Navigate through the directory tree to the installation package, and select the first installation package. If the installation files are not recognized by the program, see the Troubleshooting page.
  4. Hauptwerk will unpack and install the package. Confirm installation when prompted by Hauptwerk. If Hauptwerk displays an error message indicating corruption within the package, see the Troubleshooting page. There may be a way to repair the file without having to re-download it again.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the remaining installation packages.
  6. If the sample set installation consist of several parts [i.e. when you see words as "part01", "part02"... or "r00, r01, ..." and similar in the filename], you must first download all parts and make them sit together in a local folder. Only then, after you have all the parts downloaded, start the installation by loading the first part. It will silently take all the remaining parts with it. If you get errors during installation, see the troubleshooting page (especialy the section of the md5 checksum).

Once all the packages have been installed you can load the organ model via the Organ menu, adjusting options for loaded ranks, bit rate, audio routing, and many other parameters if desired.

  • Remember that the first time Hauptwerk loads the model it creates a cache file. This can take a long time depending on the amount of CPU power in your computer and the size of the model, but once the cache file exists subsequent loads should be many times faster than the first one.

Dongle Updates (encrypted sample sets only)

For sample sets that use plain (unencrypted) wave format, no dongle update is necessary. The sample set will load as soon as it has been installed and this section does not apply.

If the sample set is sold in encrypted format (this is always clearly shown in the product description), you will need to update your Hauptwerk dongle before you can use the sample set. The process is simple, and quick.

This is how the process of dongle update happens. This procedure assumes that you are using an iLok dongle, but other ways are also possible, please consult the Hauptwerk manual if you do not wish to use an iLok dongle.

  1. Find your iLok redeem code. The code for the sample set is located in the "My Products" section of your Sonus Paradisi account. It is displayed together with the product.
  2. Attach your iLok to the computer and open the iLok Licence Manager. Sign in. See your iLok attached in the left part of the window.
  3. Go to the Licences menu and select the "Redeem Activation Code". Alternatively, click the Redeem button in the right upper corner of the iLok manager. Both ways are equivalent.
  4. A window pops up, instructing you to enter the redeem code.
  5. Copy the redeem code from your "My Products" section into the redeem textbox. Click next.
  6. You should see the licence for the product in the list of new licences. Now, you can transfer the licence to your iLok (simply drag it there). Alternatively, you can use cloud or your computer as the licence container. The device where you store your licence to is the device enabled to use the sample set. If you choose iLok to store your licence, you can take your iLok with you to any computer and run your sample set on that computer.
  7. Finally, fresh Hauptwerk Licence packages must be installed before you can launch your sample sets in HW5. Download these from MDA and install into Hauptwerk through the File menu.
  8. Run the sample set.

Remeber, that iLok Manager has to be connected to the internet during this operation. However, the iLok manager does not need to be necessarily on your Hauptwerk computer. You can take your iLok dongle to any internet-aware computer and redeem your code there. After the process is completed, take your iLok back to your Hauptwerk computer, if you prefer your Hauptwerk computer not to be connected to the internet.