• Cecilia VPO emulator

    Cecilia VPO is a pipe organ emulating software, an alternative to GrandOrgue or similar products. Although not so complex and not so full-featured as the Hauptwerk software, it may be useful to users especially because it is freeware. Its GUI and menus are simple and almonst self-explanatory. Rather than reproducing faithfully every feature of a particular organ, it gives all the features one might reasonably expect from an organ and the user can use none/some/all of them at own wish. Continue reading

  • Lüdingworth Virtual Organ - Free demo sample set

    Lüdinworth demo sample sets is available for free download. It is formed by the Lüdingworth Vol. 0 package, composed of 10 full stops : Continue reading

  • Valvasone free demo sample set

    Free sample set featuring a cut down version of the Valvasone sample set. Continue reading

  • Alternative Speaker Setup for 8-Channel Surround Sample Sets

    Jan Loosman reported special speaker setup for 8-channel surround sample sets, which proved convincing and realistic sounding. His report, including the photos of his setup below. Thank you, Jan!

    Alternative routing of the most distant front perspectives to additional side channels. Continue reading
  • Pipe Coupling Phenomenon

    We all know this phenomenon from playing a real pipe organ. Every organ in the world is always a little bit out of tune, perfectly tuned organ does not exist. And in spite of that, when played, the organ does not sound terrible. One reason is pipe coupling phenomenon. Continue reading

  • Convolution reverb enhances older sample sets

    The convolution engine in Hauptwerk can provide nice enhancement to older wet/surround sample sets, especially when the recorded tremulants are missing. The Hauptwerk tremulant model sounds a hundred percent more convincing when IR reverb is applied to the artificial tremulant. Continue reading

  • Sauer Organ Model Demo

    Sauer Organ Model Demo sample set featuring all the stops of the first manual in all available perspectives is available for free download. Continue reading

  • Billerbeck-Dom Demo free sample set

    Billerbeck-Dom demo sample sets is available for free download. It is formed by the Billerbeck Vol. 1 package, composed of 30 full stops on 4 manuals and pedal: Continue reading

  • St. Martini, Groningen, Demo Set

    Groningen, St. Martini demo sample sets is  available for free download. It is formed by the St. Martini Core Media package, or the "Volume 0", composed of these stops: Continue reading

  • Impulse responses for Hauptwerk

    Hundreds of impulse responses from many various churches and other buildings are available for use with Hauptwerk 5 or higher version. A comprehensive IR guide is available in PDF for easy orientation. Hauptwerk contains a tiny selection of impulse responses from the Sonus Paradisi collection by default, so that every user of Hauptwerk can experiment with the convolution reverb. Explore this new world yourself.

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