This page is dedicated to Sonus Paradisi's convolution reverb library. A number of high quality Impulse Responses (IRs) are available here for use with the convolution engine of Hauptwerk. The true stereo format might be suitable for other convolution plug-ins as well, although there is no official support for use outside of Hauptwerk. The IRs feature various churches, cathedrals, chapels and similar buildings, which often have long, complex reverberation. Sonus Paradisi IRs were created with organ music in mind. For this reason, the location of sound sources and positioning of the microphones were set so as to capture the typical positions of various organ divisions within the church. IRs are presented in a PDF guide. Before selecting IRs for purchase, please read this PDF guide to understand exactly what you are ordering.

There are artificial IRs as well as measured IRs, all designed and manufactured to meet the expectations of hi-end users. If you are uncertain which IR to choose and how to use the chosen IR to add a digital reverberation to your music, read the PDF guide. Or, try first the demo IRs which came with your Hauptwerk software. Those are IRs from our collection. Experiment with them before you decide to purchase anything. The IRs were captured by Sonus Paradisi, the post processing was done by Karel Kvaca, a friend of the Sonus Paradisi team.

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