Hauptwerk software

Hauptwerk software

Hauptwerk software offers Windows and MacOS (Apple) variants. Hauptwerk provides a rich, flexible multi-channel audio system that is compatible with many brands of audio interface. Models may be enjoyed using just a set of headphones, but when needed installations can be created for just about any space using dozens of audio channels, amplifiers, and speakers.

Hauptwerk also provides many of the core capabilities used by the models, such as wind modeling, swell enclosure modeling, and tremulant modeling. Other native Hauptwerk features include the ability to record audio, record and playback MIDI files, save combination sets, and even change the temperament of the organ model. The ability to change tuning instantly can be useful when exploring how an organ that has been re-tuned in modern times might have sounded in its original tuning.

The most powerful feature of Hauptwerk is its audio mixer. Even the most complex audio routings for extreme multi-channel scenarios are possible within Hauptwerk mixer.

Other notable features include (a selection): 

  • photo-realistic screens: see the organ console elements as they appear on the real organ.
  • (version 5 and higher) High quality convolution reverb engine.
  • (version 6 and higher) High quality audio processing, free of artifacts, free of harmonic distortion and free of aliasing. This is the most outstanding achievement, hearing the purest aliquotes without aliasing.

There are far too many features of Hauptwerk to describe here; see the official Hauptwerk site for more information.

All our virtual organ models presented on this webpage are compatible with the Hauptwerk software. Visit the menu "Organs ..." for a complete catalogue.