The Organ of Greccio (1831)Greccio view

The Italian Greccio is a town in the region called the Saint Valley (Valle santa). It is known for the first setting of the Chrismass crib scene (crèche). St. Francis (San Francesco) and his colleagues were the first in the world to perform this living scene, employing a baby to represent the newborn Jesus and the ox and the donkey standing by. This happened in the thirteenth century.

Greccio's modest church contains a small organ of the Italian type from the 19th century, built by Alderano C. Spada e Figli company. The organ is from the year 1831. The organ was restored by A. Piccinelli in 1985.


The single manual organ has 50 keys, the compass C (036) to f''' (089) while the bass octave is originally short (full octave modelled in Hauptwerk). The keyboard is divided into the bass and treble section between b (059) and c' (060). The pedal has a single 16-foot stop and 9 keys originally (full octave modelled in Hauptwerk).


The organ original tuning is meantone.


The samples are offered in 48kHz/24bit resolution. The multiple releases have three levels: short, mid and long.
Hauptwerk version 4.2 and higher supported. Open wav format (no encryption).

Sample set variants

The sample set is wet, recorded with the acoustics of the church, but the level of the reverberation is low, the recording position was close to the instrument (the "moist" approach).

Keyboards, pedalboard

The original compass of the keyboards is 50 keys (extended in Hauptwerk to 54 keys). The original compass of the pedal division is 9 keys (extended to 13 keys in Hauptwerk).

Requirements (RAM)

RAM consumption: 2-channel stereo

  • 16-bit, other settings default: 1.3 GB

  • 20-bit, other settings default: 1.8 GB (recommended)

  • 24-bit, other settings default: 2.2 GB


Principale basso [8']
Principale soprano [8']
Ottava [4']
Quinta decima [2']
Decima nona [1 1/3']
Vigesima seconda [1']
Vigesima sesta [2/3']
Vigesima nona [1/2']
Voce umana [8' celeste beating, descant only]
Flauto traverso (soprano) [8']
Flauto in VIII [4']
Flauto in XII (soprano) [2 2/3']
Trombette basse [8']
Trombette soprane [8']


Controbassi [16']
The pedal is hard-coupled to the manual.



Tiratutti (a combination drawstop activating all principal stops)

  1. Greccio Software Sample Set

    Wet variant (moist approach). Minimum Hauptwerk version: 4.2. (Also works in all higher versions.)
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