Cembalo Ruckers Model

Cembalo Ruckers

Two manual cembalo was built after the 1624 Johannes Ruckers model, which is kept in Musée Unterlinden (formerly belonged to the family de Sade and was kept at the Chateau de Conde, Condé-en-Brie).

The Flemish cembalo is solid in construction, colorful in tone with a rich resonance. The Flemish makers were apparently the first to build two-manual harpsichords after 1600.

The workshop of Ruckers is credited to build probably the most perfect harpsichords ever and it sets the benchmark for harpsichordists and harpsichord makers even today.

The replica used to record the sample set is found at the Prague Academy of Music. It was manufactured by František Vyhnálek in 2008. The proliferous Czech harpsichord maker has made more than 150 instrument in the past 25 years. He builds after French, Flemish, Italian and German models. Except cembalos, he builds also virginals and spinets. The instruments of František Vyhnálek sound in many countries of Europe, in U.S.A., in Japan and are used by top harpsichordists (Zuzana Ruzickova, Gustav Leonhardt, Ton Koopman, Jacques Ogg, Johann Sonnleitner etc.)

The specification of the instrument:

  • lower manual: 8', 4'
  • upper manual: 8' switchable to Lute

The compass: low G to upmost E. (58 keys).

We are grateful to František Vyhnálek, to Giedré Lukšaité Mrázková and to Filip Dvořák for making this recording possible.

Features and Screenshots

Hauptwerk v.4 and higher supported.

Recording technique

The harpsichord model is available in two variants:

  • AB recording

    • recorded from close distance, using spaced omnis. The recording offers extraordinary rich, even and faithfull sound image of the instrument recorded. Recommended for soloistic use.

  • XY recording

    • recorded from close distance, using XY technique. The coincident membranes of the cardioid microphones used for the recording allow for the mono compatibility. Thus, this variant of the cembalo model is suitable for the creation of audio montages, applying various effects, panning, mixing with other virtual instruments, etc. 

The compass

low G to upmost E. (58 keys).


lower manual

8', 4'

upper manual

8' switchable to Lute

Virtual Console in Hauptwerk:



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  1. Cembalo Ruckers Sample Set

    A virtual software model of the Ruckers haprsichord. Minimum Hauptwerk version: 4.2. (Also works in all higher versions.)


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