Terms and Conditions of Contract

Terms and Conditions, valid from 2019-03-20.

Terms and Conditions

This e-shop www.sonusparadisi.cz is run by Sonus Paradisi s.r.o., Id. no. 07793308, VAT No. CZ07793308. In accordance with the law no. 112/2016 Sb. of the Czech Republic (record keeping of takings), this e-shop is obliged to keep a record of the incoming cash payments and to register them with the Czech Revenue Authorities on-line without delay, but withing 48 hours at latest in case of blackout or technical difficulties.

You should read the following terms and conditions carefully before using the Sample Set. Your purchase and use of the Sample Set indicates your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Object of the contract

This e-shop offers specialized audio software (the Sample Sets). The Sample Set is an electronically delivered software, i.e. set of wave files (the Samples) with metadata, containing the sound recording of a given musical instrument. With a help of specialized sampler (such as Hauptwerk), the sound of the given musical instrument may be faithfully reproduced virtually. The object of the contract is the Sample Set stated on the order form after you have successfully completed the order process. Sonus Paradisi s.r.o. as the seller is to deliver the Sample Set on the basis of your eletronic order made through this e-shop. The contract follows the directives and law of the Czech Republic, notably these Terms and Conditions, the Civil Code and the Consumer protection law.

The Licence

Sonus Paradisi s.r.o., as the licenser, grants to you, the licensee, a non-exclusive personal right to use this Sample Set in accordance with the terms contained in these terms and conditions.
You may use the Sample Set on a single computer in non-commercial applications. Unauthorized copying, lending, leasing, trading, duplication, resampling, reselling, hiring, sub-licence granting, uploading or downloading to a database, server or network or any other form of distribution of the Sample Set, Samples or recordings using the Sample Sets are strictly forbidden. If the licensee violates this license considerably, the licenser is authorized to an immediate termination of the contract. Consequently damages and compensation may be claimed.
(The above mentioned paragraph is applied to the registered and qualified resellers of the Sonus Paradisi Sample Sets adequately. To become a reseller you must apply and a special agreement must be made in between you and the owner of this e-shop.)
If you wish to distribute recordings of organ music made with the Sample set, you have to ask Sonus Paradisi for a written permission. Special regulations may apply.
Sonus Paradisi s.r.o. retains ownership of all the sound samples. Sonus Paradisi reserves all other rights not expressly granted to you.

Ordering and Payment

The only way to order the Sample Set is completing the order through this e-shop. The payment is done through PayPal upon the completition of the e-shop order. There is no other way of ordering and payment possible, unless special written agreement exists between you and the owner of the e-shop. If the payment is done through PayPal, the billing address of your order must match the billing address of the PayPal account used to make the payment for the order. These two addresses not matching, the order will be cancelled and the Sample Set will not be delivered. By ordering the Sample Set, you agree to receive the invoice electronically.

The e-shop automatically and correctly calculates taxes where applicable. It should be noted that in case of the EU customers who are registered to VAT in their home country, VAT shall by payable by the taxable person to whom the services in the Member State (reverse charge). See the Council Directive 2008/8/EC of 12 February 2008 amending Directive 2006/112/EC as regards the place of supply of services. However, if such a customer enters the VAT ID incorrectly into the e-shop or if the customer omits to add the VAT ID, the e-shop will consider such an order as done by a person non registered to VAT in the homeland, i.e. VAT will be added to the invoice.

Shipping and Delivery

The delivery of the Sample Set is electronic (by download). When the order is complete, download links for the product(s) are generated and the Sample Set(s) can be downloaded from the user download zone. The number of download attempts may be limited for security reasons. In addition to download, you can ask for shipping of the physical installation media (such as a set of DVDs with the Sample Set installation packages burned to them). If you need the physical installation media to be shipped, you may order them from within your Sonus Paradisi account. You may be charged a fee for the installation media shipping service. This fee (if applicable) will be listed in the shopping cart and in the order summary.

Return and Replacements

If the installation media or download file arrive corrupt to you, you can ask for a replacement anytime and it will be delivered to you without delay. In that case, we may ask you to return the defective media for testing.
The Sample Sets is delivered electronically in a form of a software, hence the return and refund is not available. Your order is binding.
If the Sample Set is not delivered to you within 30 days after the purchase, you can ask for a full refund of the payment for the Sample Set.

Privacy and Security

To order the Sample Set in our web shop, you must create an account at www.sonusparadisi.cz. Anonymous (guest) ordering is not possible.
When creating the account, this information is stored: your full name, the billing and shipping address, the e-mail. This information is stored in a file held by Sonus Paradisi s.r.o., for the purpose of satisfying the service, i.e. in order to process the orders, communicating with you, keeping the order history and for the accounting. By creating the account, you give us your consent to store the above mentioned information. The information is stored in accordance with the law on the personal data protection, no. 101/2000 of Czech Republic which is in accordance with the EU regulations on the subject. All the reasonable measures are taken to protect the data so that your data are securely stored, inaccessible to third parties. Your data will not be handed over to any third party. See also the Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Processing link of the web page for further details.


For consumer disputes, if you cannot find another agreement with us, ČOI may be used as the extrajudicial mediator. The contact: www.coi.cz

Updating Account Information

You can access your account any time to update your information. You guarantee and are responsible, in any case, of the genuine nature, exactness, effectiveness and authenticity of the personal data provided, and underake to keep them duly updated.