Hrade Kralove, Maria


Hradec Kralove, church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Streussel  Organ 1765

The Jesuit church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgina Mary  in Hradec Králové (East Bohemia) was erected between 1654-1666 by Carlo Lurago,  the Jesuit prominent builder of the time. In 1765 it burned down, and was  renovated by F. Kermer. At this occasion, it was furnished with a new organ by  Josef Streussel (1732-1776), a proliferous organbuilder of the Králíky school.  Unfortunately, almost none of his instruments survived until present.

In accordance with the Jesuit fashion of the time, the  architecture of the organ makes use of the illusive technique of 3D painting on  a flat wood. Today, this special technique is the distinctive feature of this  particular instrument. The organ is designed typically for the Králíky school,  the left case is occupied by Hauptwerk (lower manual), the right case hosts the  pedal and the middle case is the positiv organ (upper manual) in the ballustrade. The C# side of Hauptwerk was virtually moved into the right case, to give balanced stereo image when played back through speakers or headphones.

The organ was changed several times in the course of the history,  the last overhaul by Ivan Červenka in 1999 brought back the typical Czech  baroque sound timbre, although some of the non original ranks were retained (the  Gamba, the Salicional) to broaden the registration possibilities of the  instrument.


The samples are offered in 48kHz/24bit resolution. The sample  set is wet - 2 channel stereo samples including the natural reverb of the church. The multiple releases have  three levels: short, mid and long. Hauptwerk v4.2 and  higher supported. The sample set is offered in a plain wave  format. No encryption.

The reverb time is ca. 3 seconds.

Keyboards, pedalboard

The original compass of the keyboards is 45 keys (short octave). This short and special baroque compass can be faithfully  reproduced by Hauptwerk, via Organ Settings Menu. On the "Main" tab of the  settings, select the Baroque short octave (the second choice) on the line "Key  order of keyboard bottom octaves". The original compass of the pedal division is 18 sounding tones.


RAM consumption: 2-channel wet

  • 16-bit, other settings  default:   2.9 GB

  • 20-bit, other settings  default:   4.3 GB (recommended)

  • 24-bit, other settings  default:   4.8 GB

Screen resolution 1280x1024 px or more.

Polyphony of 2000 voices recommended for the full  set.


The organ was recorded more than 10 years ago (in 2005) in 2 channels. There is no surround version. The mixtures (as recorded) are somewhat more mistuned than desirable, although they sound natural.


1.    Manual C–c3    
Principal 8′
Flauta 8′
Viola 8′
Gamba 8′
Octava 4
Quinta 3
Octava 2
Rauchquint  2x 
Mixtura 3x
Cimbel 5x
2.         Manual C–c3          
Copula major 8′
Salicional 8′
Copula minor 4
Principal 4
Superoctav 2
Mixtura 3x
Pedal C–a          
Subbass offen 16
Octavbas 8
Principalbas 8
Principalbas 4
Quintbas 6 
Cornetbas 3x


  • Normal: II/I, I-P
  • many other couplers possible via Hauptwerk Master Couplers.
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