• Reballancing divisions using Hauptwerk mixer

    A user asked how to set the Hauptwerk mixer so that he can mix the perspectives of each division independently of other divisions of the same perspective. The Positive seemed to be too present, while HW seemed too "far away". Therefore, he wished to reduce the direct perspective of the RW ranks to make them a bit "farther", and Continue reading

  • Installation problems with multi-part packages

    Sometimes, I get messages like this from users: I buyed the Casavant Organ, two days ago, but it's impossible to install it. It always says there is an error on the basson 16 and that there is a missing volume. I tried several new downloads, but nothing changed. Continue reading

  • Mixing perspectives in the Hauptwerk mixer

    User wanted to create his own mix of perspectives (direct, diffuse, rear) for his headphones. He thought Hauptwerk 8 was not capable of this job. Although Hauptwerk does not have any convenient "mixing desk" view, it is capable of mixing perspectives in any desired way. For this, we need to split the perspectives into various groups/primary audio outputs, so that we can then adjust volumes of the perspectives via the primary outputs. Here is the complete guide: Continue reading

  • Pipe Organ Sounds Best When Out Of Tune

    A user asked why sample sets sound somewhat out of tune. He did not like it out of tune, he wanted to have perfectly tuned organ instead. Continue reading

  • CPU clipping in Hauptwerk

    User question: using some sample sets of particularly large organs (e.g. Billerbeck or Frankfurt) and playing with the tutti, the CPU indicator signals a clip and the sound distorts, sometimes even leading to a crash that requires a restart of the Hauptwerk program.

    Answer: Continue reading

  • Billerbeck version 1.5 backward incompatible

    A powerful soloistic Tuba has been added to the Billerbeck virtual organ. The Tuba has three pitch ranges 16', 8', and 4', and it can be coupled to any manual or pedal. In pedal, it also has a 2' pitch in addition to the three mentioned. Continue reading

  • Sample sets and volume level adjustments

    A user asked how to adjust the overall audio volume of a sample set in Hauptwerk.

    Before proceeding, you should know that in general the sample set creator sets the default audio level of a sample set so that when tutti is used and fat chords played, it does not clip (Wiki explanation of the phenomenon) the audio stream. When the organ is large, this may result in single stops sometimes too quiet. Continue reading

  • Echevarría Virtual Organ - Segovia Sample Set

    A good part of the Segovia virtual organ is offered for free. The free sample set constitutes a stand-alone virtual organ featuring all the typical sounds of a large Spanish baroque organ, including the foundational stops, full penum, a cornet stop, batalla trompet and an echo trompet. All perspectives included, tremulant samples also included. The stop list of the free sample set follows:

    Continue reading

  • Leens - Free Demo Volume

    The Demo of the Leens sample set presents 7 stops in all perspectives, including the tremulant samples. And the before-after restoration feature is fully available as well! Continue reading

  • Warrington Sample Set - Free volume

    Test all 4 perspectives (direct, diffuse, distant, rear) in the free volume of the Warrington Cavaillé-Coll organ. It gives you 21 full stops of the sample set for free, including the recorded tremulant samples! The demo sample set forms a typical small Cavaillé-Coll instrument. Continue reading

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