Organ Tips

  • Convolution reverb enhances older sample sets

    The convolution engine in Hauptwerk can provide nice enhancement to older wet/surround sample sets, especially when the recorded tremulants are missing. The Hauptwerk tremulant model sounds a hundred percent more convincing when IR reverb is applied to the artificial tremulant. Continue reading

  • Smecno extension pack

    Christoph Schmitz created very useful extension pack for Smecno.
    It can be obtained from his webpage.

  • How to use 6-channel surround sample sets

    6-channel surround sample sets sometimes raise many questions. Some users are concerned about RAM consumption (yes, 6-channel surround uses about 3x more RAM than a conventional stereo sample set). Some are concerned about the "best" listening scenario while using the 6-channels, some express hesitations about the acoustical principles of the 6-channel surround, fearing that blending too many channels together will harm the resulting sound. Well, how to use the 6-channel surround sample sets? Continue reading

  • Caen sample set - explanation of functions of pedals

    Hauptwerk forum offers a nice explanation of the functions of the many various pedals of the Cavaille-Coll organ.

  • Santanyi - portrait screens available

    Christoph Schmitz kindly added portrait screens to the Santanyi sample set. Continue reading

  • Krzeszow sample set - extension pack

    Christoph Schmitz supplied his own creation - a Krzeszow sample set - extension pack. For those, who own a valid licence to the full version of the Krzeszow sample set, there is now dual portrait and landscape stop jambs and also an easy stop jamb. The package is to be downloaded from :
    Christoph's web pages.
    Thank you, Christoph!

  • Cecilia - MIDI Organ Module

    I have the pleasure to introduce a piece of Hardware. Cecilia is a MIDI expander, a hardware module, a stand-alone virtual pipe organ. When connected to a keyboard or, better, two keyboards + a pedalboard via a MIDI cable, it will give the sound of a mid-sized North German Baroque Organ (20 speaking stops). Continue reading

  • Placing Virtual Organ in Church

    Well, difficult job. I cannot say I am an expert on these questions, but I have some limited experience. Here some generic suggestions when placing a virtual organ into a real church. Continue reading

  • Comparison between Palma and Santanyí Organs

    All of the Spanish organ music from the Baroque and Classical periods can be played perfectly on both instruments (with the exception of a few Soler pieces that have such a large keyboard range that they cannot be played on any historical Spanish organ). But the most striking characteristic of these two instruments is Continue reading

  • Notes about Historical Registration on the Santanyí Organ

    Every registration given here, no matter how obvious, can actually be found in historical sources, unless otherwise indicated by the use of a qualifier such as "presumably" or "probably." Continue reading

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