Reballancing divisions using Hauptwerk mixer

A user asked how to set the Hauptwerk mixer so that he can mix the perspectives of each division independently of other divisions of the same perspective. The Positive seemed to be too present, while HW seemed too "far away". Therefore, he wished to reduce the direct perspective of the RW ranks to make them a bit "farther", and increase the HW ranks of the direct perspective a little, to make them a little bit more "forward".

We want the direct perspective audio level to be adjustable per division. To achieve this goal, we need to send the ranks/stops of each division to a separate primary audio bus first.

Go Organ Settings - Rank routing to audio mixer... entry.


Select all ranks of the direct perspective and 1st manual (positiv), and send them all to an output, say, Bus 0030 (or any previously unused to prevent a mismatch).


Select all ranks of the direct perspective and 2nd manual (HW) and send them to output Bus 0031.


Select all ranks of the direct perspective and 3rd manual (OW) and send them to output Bus 0032.  And ... do it similar for all remaining divisions/ranks of the direct perspective.

Now, go to the mixer (General Settings - Audio mixer) and send the audio of the Bus outputs 30, 31, 32, 33 ... to some audio card port, or send them to the master mix bus so that you can hear the audio.


Now, still in the Audio Mixer window, you can select the outputs 30, 31, 32 ... individually and change the volume independently for each this output (thus for each division independently), and in this way, you can make the balance of the divisions of the direct perspective matching your needs.

You know, that your "Primary 0030" plays the direct perspective of your Positive division. If you adjust the level +4 dB, your positiv will play louder in the direct perspective - making it even more direct, thus closer to you. This is not what you wanted originally, so, you can make the output volume -4 dB instead, to send the whole positive division back a lot.


Adjust the volume in the same way for each division of the direct perspective. Your Primary 0031 now plays HW, your Primary 0032 plays the OW, etc...

You can do similar for the diffuse ranks or any other remaining perspective. In this way, you can reballance the sound of all the divisions of all the perspectives to match your wishes.