Mixing perspectives in the Hauptwerk mixer

User wanted to create his own mix of perspectives (direct, diffuse, rear) for his headphones. He thought Hauptwerk 8 was not capable of this job. Although Hauptwerk does not have any convenient "mixing desk" view, it is capable of mixing perspectives in any desired way. For this, we need to split the perspectives into various groups/primary audio outputs, so that we can then adjust volumes of the perspectives via the primary outputs. Here is the complete guide:

1.) Go to rank routing dialog. (via Organ Settings menu)


2.) Take all Direct ranks on the left, and route them to (for example) Group 40.


3.) Take all Diffuse ranks on the left, and route them to (for example) Group 41.


4.) Take all Rear ranks on the left, and route them all to (for example) Group 42.


Now, add some Audio output to the Groups 40, 41, and 42. This is done in General settings menu.


For example, add audio output 40 to Group 40, output 41 to Group 41, output 42 to Group 42.


Finally, open the audio mixer (via General Settings)


and send the audio outputs 40, 41, 42 to the master mix 2 - but this is done by default by Hauptwerk anyway.


Now, attach your headphones to the Master Mix 2 to hear the audio.


The audio routing is done! Now, you can adjust the volume of each perspective (direct, diffuse, rear) in your headphones separately by altering the volume of the outputs 40, 41, and 42.


And by multiplicating the same audio routing for various mixer presets, you can then compare various volume settings by switching the mixer presets back and forth via some MIDI button. Use the Audio mixer large floating panel for that. MIDI is learned in the usual way - by a right-click.