Aeolian-Skinner Demo Sample Set

A small DEMO sample set of the Aeolian-Skinner sample set was uploaded. Most stops of the Swell division are functional in the demo sample set. Thus, it forms a small virtual instrument on its own, featuring all the 6 channels of the surround, including the tremmed samples.

The stops available (the Swell division):
Singend Gedackt 8
Viola Pomposa 8
Viola Coelestis 8 (beating)
Geigen Prinzipal 4
Rohrflute 4
Nachthorn 2
Spitzquint 2 2/3
Fagot 16
Trumpet 8

The borrowings from the Swell in the Pedal are thus sounding as well.

The download of the demo pack is possible directly from the web presentaton of the sample set.