• Server kept sending erroneous messages

    When I looked into my mail box this morning, I learned that many users of Sonus Paradisi have received tens or even hundreds of identical emails from the Sonus Paradisi web server.  Sorry for this horrible software error. I apologize very much. My support team promised that it will not repeat again.

  • Fidelity must be rewarded!

    We are living today in a world which does not favor fidelity. Qualities opposite to fidelity, devotion or stability seem to rule: mobility, flexibility, infidelity or outright adultery and godlessness.

    I decided to do something (albeit little) against this dominating climate. Continue reading

  • Comparison between Palma and Santanyí Organs

    All of the Spanish organ music from the Baroque and Classical periods can be played perfectly on both instruments (with the exception of a few Soler pieces that have such a large keyboard range that they cannot be played on any historical Spanish organ). But the most striking characteristic of these two instruments is Continue reading

  • Notes about Historical Registration on the Santanyí Organ

    Every registration given here, no matter how obvious, can actually be found in historical sources, unless otherwise indicated by the use of a qualifier such as "presumably" or "probably." Continue reading

  • Hans Heinrich Mundt (1632-1691)

    Hans Heinrich Mundt is the author of the famous Czech organ - the two manual baroque instrument in the church of Our Lady before Týn in Prague. Continue reading

  • Registration of French Baroque Organ Music

    Patrick Larhant kindly supplied the registration tips for the early French repertoir. His treatise is available in PDF and contains practical stop lists for various kinds of French compositions, optimized for the St. Maximin organ. Download PDF: Registrations_classiques_2

  • Registration of French Romantic Music

    The organs built by Cavaillé-Coll had a divided windchest for the foundation and combination voices. We have the advantage in knowing that César Franck was thorough in writing the registration cues, however one can be fooled without the understanding of the actual instrument. Continue reading

  • How to install a new sample set?

    The sample set is delivered in the form of Hauptwerk installation packages which are either downloaded or distributed on DVDs. These installation packages have to be installed into Hauptwerk prior to the use of the virtual organ. Continue reading

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