• St. Omer DEMO sample set

    The demo version of the St. Omer sample set can be downloaded directly from the web page of the virtual organ. It is necessary to download all 3 available packages and install all of them into Hauptwerk.

    Continue reading

  • Loading sample sets with L/R split ranks

    Recent Sonus Paradisi sample sets have a specific feature: dual channel tremulants for improved (more convincing) artificial tremulant behavior. Dual channel tremulants require the Left and the Right channels of a conventional stereo file split, so that each of them may be manipulated independently by the Hauptwerk tremulant model. Continue reading

  • Easter Break

    No orders will be processed between 17-20 April 2014, due to the Easter break. Please forgive the order processing delay during this period.

  • Sonus Paradisi uses encryption on the new sample sets

    The sample sets released in 2014 by Sonus Paradisi will use the Hauptwerk proprietary encryption. In recent voting, the majority of Sonus Paradisi sample set users expressed their opinion that I should use the encryption to protect the sample sets from unauthorized use, thus protecting also the investment of my customers into these sample sets. Continue reading

  • Zwolle mini sample set

    Free sample set featuring a cut down version of the Zwolle sample set. (v. 2.5, plain wave format, DEMO unencrypted, good for Hauptwerk free as well as for other pipe organ emulating software). Continue reading

  • Shipping during Christmas season 2013

    There is no shipping possible between 21st December and the end of the year. The orders with will be processed normally and the download will be instantly possible anytime, but if shipping is required, it will happen on 3nd January 2014. This is for the religious reasons: to keep the amount of bussiness related activities during Christian feasts at the lowest possible level. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Voting on Encryption Ended

    Poll on the encryption on Sonus Paradisi sample sets ended few minutes ago. The question was:

    Do you wish that all the new Sonus Paradisi releases (sample sets, new versions) are encrypted and secured by the dongle, or do you wish that the new releases continue to be offered in the plain wave format non-encrypted?

    The answers:

    Encrypted, dongle protected!: 388 votes
    Non-encrypted, plain wave format!: 149 votes

    There conclusion is that there is general inclination towards encryption. I will comment it later.

  • Encryption and Sonus Paradisi

    Sample sets of Sonus Paradisi have always been offered and distributed mostly unprotected by the Hauptwerk dongle system. This makes them vulnerable to unauthorised copying and illegal non-licenced use. For many years this worked fine. Nevertheless, during the last months, Continue reading

  • Server kept sending erroneous messages

    When I looked into my mail box this morning, I learned that many users of Sonus Paradisi have received tens or even hundreds of identical emails from the Sonus Paradisi web server.  Sorry for this horrible software error. I apologize very much. My support team promised that it will not repeat again.

  • Fidelity must be rewarded!

    We are living today in a world which does not favor fidelity. Qualities opposite to fidelity, devotion or stability seem to rule: mobility, flexibility, infidelity or outright adultery and godlessness.

    I decided to do something (albeit little) against this dominating climate. Continue reading

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