Dingelstaedt Surround - DEMO sample set

Dingelstaedt Surround DEMO sample set is available. The installation packages can be downloaded directly from the presentation pages of the sample set.

For the limited number of stops, the full 6 channel surround mixing capability is available! Using the mixer tab of the sample set, it is possible to vary the listening position, from being close to pipes, to being down in the church nave.

Download here

The limitation of the demo version is the limited number of sounding stops available:

  • The stop list:
    Man. I Man. II Man. III
     Prinzipal 8'  Quintaton 8'  Gedackt 8'
     Flaut major 8'  Klarinette 8'  Aeoline 8'
     Octava 4'  KonzertFloete 4'
     Octava 2'  Nachthorn 2'
     Subbass 16'