Media ordering apart from download

The DVD media ordering changed on the Sonus Paradisi web pages. The media cannot be ordered together with the download. The installation media (DVD boxes) are now to be ordered from within the user account (the My Products section).

This was done only due to the recent EU regulations about the electronic services. The VAT is calculated differently for the download and differently for the shipped media. After consultations with the Supreme Tax Office of the Czech Republic and after several consultations with our Tax Lawyer, we opted to take apart the download order and the media orders.
This enables us to continue to offer superior quality and fast speed delivery of the sample sets: the download for all the orders.

It also helps us to improve our physical installation media shipping service. The DVD media can now be ordered completely separately from the sample set. The installation media ordering happens from within the user account, the My Products section. For each sample set, the user can repeatedly order the installation media, even many years after the purchase of the sample set.