Billerbeck-Dom Demo free sample set

Billerbeck-Dom demo sample sets is available for free download. It is formed by the Billerbeck Vol. 1 package, composed of 30 full stops on 4 manuals and pedal:


RW (encl.)
HW SchW (encl.)
 Cham (encl.)
Rohrflote 8' Principal 16' Bourdon 8'  Flute harm. 8' Bourdon 32'
Holzflote 4' Principal maj. 8' Geigenpr. 8'  Tromp. real 8' Subbass 16'
Praestant 4' Viola d.Gamba 8' Viola 8'  Principalbass 16'
Waldflote 2' Gedackt 8' Vox coel. 8'  Flute 8'
Sesquialter Octav maj. 4' Flute octav. 4 '  Posaune 16'
Mixtur Octave 2' Fugara 4'
Cromorne 8'  Mixtur maj. Nazard 2 2/3'
Mixtur min. Octavin 2'
Tromp. harm. 8' 
tremulant  no tremulant! tremulant


This presents a full featured 4-manual instrument, including an en chamade trumpet, several other reeds, full pedal with a 32', 3 swell boxes, 5-octave-manuals, simply a complete mid-sized organ. All the stops are in the full quality, including the tremulant samples for RW and SchW and all 8 channels of the full surround (semi-dry, direct, diffuse, rear).

Download the demo surround set: visit the web presentation of the instrument, go to the order tab, select the Billerbeck Vol.1 product (for 0 EUR, no payment necessary) and go through the checkout as usual. The product will be added into your downloads inside your user account. Download and install using the usual procedures.

  • The installer works in HW5. It may work in HW4.2, although HW4.2 have sometimes problems installing multipart archives.