Polná Demo sample set

13 full stops of the Polná sample set are available for free to everyone. This creates a stand-alone 2 manual organ with a pedal, capable of performing a lot of early music for free. All the 4 perspectives are included in the free set. The specification of the free Polná sample set:

Hauptwerk C-c3 [-d3]            Positiv C-c3 [-d3]             Pedal C-a0 [-c1]     
Bourdonflöte 16'
Principal 8'
Octava 4'
Quinta 3'
Superoctava 2'
Quindecima 1 1/2'
Mixtura V fach
Cymbel III fach


Copula major 8'
Copula minor 4'
Octava 2'
Superoctava 1'


Subbass clausus 16'


The sample set can be obtained by ordering the vol.0 of the Polná sample set. The order is free of charge.