Bückeburg vol.1 - Complete Virtual Organ (47 stops) for Free

Bückeburg vol. 1 is offered for free to all (!) the Hauptwerk enthusiasts. Everybody can enjoy the sound this magnificent instrument. Download, install and play free of charge the Bückeburg Vol. 1, which is the complete organ with its 3 manuals, the pedal and 47 speaking stops. Including the sampled tremulants and all the other features.The complete specification of the instrument can be found on the Bückeburg "features" web page.

There is only one small limitation. The Unterwerk and the Pedal divisions have only 2 microphone perspectives (diffuse and rear). Still, the Hauptwerk and the Oberwerk divisions offer the complete 3 microphone perspectives for free (direct, diffuse, rear).

The direct perspective for the Unterwerk and Pedal is sold separately as the vol. 2. Therefore, those who wish to support Sonus Paradisi are welcome to make their contribution by purchasing the small vol. 2 and use the complete virtual instrument. Obviously, your financial support is essential for Sonus Paradisi future.

The sample set can be used in Hauptwerk version 4.2 and any higher version (incl. HW 7), the Advanced version is necessary due to the size of the virtual instrument.

Free download available: Bückeburg, vol. 1.
Attention! The sample set requires a lot of RAM! For the best results, you should have a computer with at least 64 GB of RAM! Limited quality use (16-bit resolution) can be used with 32 GB of RAM.