Warrington Sample Set - Free volume

Test all 4 perspectives (direct, diffuse, distant, rear) in the free volume of the Warrington Cavaillé-Coll organ. It gives you 21 full stops of the sample set for free, including the recorded tremulant samples! The demo sample set forms a typical small Cavaillé-Coll instrument.

1. Grand Orgue C–g3 [a3]
 Viole de gambe
 Flute harmonique
 Prestant  4'
2. Positif (enclosed) C–g3 [a3]
 Nachthorn  8'
 Flute douce  4'
 Doublette  2'
 Basson et hautbois  8'
3. Récit (enclosed) C–g3 [a3]
 Diapason  8'
 Viole de gambe  8'
 Voix céleste  8'
 Viole d'amour  4'
 Nasard *  2 2/3
 Mixture  VI
 Trompete  8'
Pédale C-f1 [g1]
 Contrebasse  16'
 Soubasse  16'
 Diapason  8'
 Violoncelle  8'

Imagine the Positiv and the Récit stops together on a single manual, and the result is one of the common Aristide Cavaillé-Coll's two manual organs.

The sample set can be obtained by ordering the vol.1 of the Warrington sample set. The order is free of charge.