Sample sets for Hauptwerk 5 ready

All Sonus Paradisi sample sets are Hauptwerk 5 (and 6) ready!

Unencrypted sample sets are ready for Hauptwerk 5 or 6 natively. No update or upgrade is necessary. The sample sets run smoothly in the new Hauptwerk after the upgrade from Hauptwerk 4.

Encrypted sample sets must be reinstalled. All the sample sets were updated with the Hauptwerk 5 versions. These are good also for Hauptwerk 6. Visit your "My Products" section and download new installation packages from there. These are the sample sets which need a reinstallation:

Aeolian-Skinner (Oakland) surround
Altenbruch surround (dry does not need reinstallation)
Brasov surround
Caen (v1)
Dingelstaedt surround
Freiberg, dry and surround
Goerlitz, medium and full versions
Midwolda surround
Piacenza surround
Portland, Reuter surround
Rotterdam Transept Orgel, dry and surround
St. Omer, surround
St. Pons surround
Zutphen surround
Zwolle sample set, dry and surround

Reinstallation helps, but it is not the only work you have to do. In addition to the reinstallation, you also need to migrate your licences from HASP dongle (former Hauptwerk dongle), to your new iLok dongle. Hauptwerk assists with that. Use HW File menu --- "Initiate migration of Hauptwerk pre-V5 sample set licenses to this version". Then, send the resulting export file to MDA via their website. They should reply with a set of iLok licences for all your past purchases from Sonus Paradisi. There may be a small fee from Milan Digital Audio for this service.

Finally, the Hauptwerk Licence packages must be installed before you can launch your sample sets in HW5. Download these from MDA and install into Hauptwerk through the File menu.

Unlike migrating the past licences, for your new orders at the Sonus Paradisi web pages, my server will give you your redeem code after the purchase.