Lüdingworth Virtual Organ - Free demo sample set

Lüdinworth demo sample sets is available for free download. It is formed by the Lüdingworth Vol. 0 package, composed of 10 full stops :

Gedacht 8' Principal 8' ------------- Gedacht 16'   
Spilfl. 4' Octav 4'
Waldfl. 2' Octav 2'
Sexquialter    Raueschquint   


All the stops are in the full quality, including the tremulant samples and all the 6 channels of the full surround (direct, diffuse, rear audio perspectives).

Download the demo surround set: visit the web presentation of the instrument, go to the order tab, select the Lüdinworth Vol.0 product (for 0 EUR, no payment necessary) and go through the checkout as usual. The product will be added into your downloads inside your user account. Download and install using the usual procedures.

  • The installer works in HW4.2 (and newer, incl. HW5 or 6 or later).