Fidelity must be rewarded!

We are living today in a world which does not favor fidelity. Qualities opposite to fidelity, devotion or stability seem to rule: mobility, flexibility, infidelity or outright adultery and godlessness.

I decided to do something (albeit little) against this dominating climate. A decision was taken to start rewarding those who over the years remained faithful to Sonus Paradisi. I am starting a loyalty program.

Those acquiring the Sonus Paradisi sample sets in this e-shop are given discounts when reaching certain tresholds of the total amount spent in the Sonus Paradisi sample sets.

By setting up a private account on the Sonus Paradisi web pages, you are eligible for the loyalty program. The e-shop keeps registering every singe individual order and when the lifetime (total) cumulative sum spent on the Sonus Paradisi sample sets reach the limit, a discount coupon is issued which can be used for every futher order on the Sonus Paradisi web pages.

The more you spend on the sample sets, the bigger the discount is. There are three levels of discounts based on the user's lifetime purchase total:

1.)  2500 EUR   --- discount 13%
2.)  5000 EUR   --- discount 20%
3.)  8000 EUR   --- discount 25%

When you reach these levels consecutively, you will be automatically contacted by e-mail, receiving your personal discount coupon.

The loyalty program is available only for private accounts of individuals on the Sonus Paradisi web pages, it is not available for purchases done through resellers and it is not available for resellers.

How to apply the discount coupon?

The discount coupon is not applied automatically, it must be entered manually into the proper field during the order. The Discount Coupon field is located inside the shopping cart, in the bottom left corner.
When the sample sets are in the cart, please click the "My Cart", navigate to the bottom of the page, paste your personal discount coupon into the Discount Code field, click the "Apply Coupon" button. Your discount should then be re-calculated and reflected in the order Grand Total.