Echevarría Virtual Organ - Segovia Sample Set

A good part of the Segovia virtual organ is offered for free. The free sample set constitutes a stand-alone virtual organ featuring all the typical sounds of a large Spanish baroque organ, including the foundational stops, full penum, a cornet stop, batalla trompet and an echo trompet. All perspectives included, tremulant samples also included. The stop list of the free sample set follows:

Organo Mayor

Mano Izquierda Mano derecha
Flautado de 26 Flautado de 26
Flautado de 13 Flautado de 13
Violón Violón
Octava Octava
Repiano IV 22ª Repiano IV 22ª
Nasardos V Nasardos V
Trompeta real Trompeta real
Clarín de campaña


Cadereta (Eco)

Mano Izquierda Mano derecha
Violón Violón
Tapadillo Tapadillo
Dozena Dozena
Quincena Quincena
Lleno III Lleno III
Clarín de Eco



Contras de 26



Temblante dulce
Reunión de teclados III/II


Download by ordering the vol. 1 of the Segovia sample set, it is free.

Please consider to acquire the full version to support the Sonus Paradisi project financially.