Doesburg DEMO sample set (Dry and Surround)

Free sample set featuring a cut down version of the Doesburg sample set. In addition, 7-days trial of the full sample set is also avaiable.

Full Sample set - Trial period of 7-days

  • The sample set can be tested in its complete form, all stops and all features for 7 days. The licence expires after 7 days.
  • iLok is necessary, the redeem code is provided via the Sonus Paradisi  e-shop.
  • It can be ordered for a small charge from the Doesburg web presentation.

Small Demo free sample set

  • download the Demo sample set by ordering the Doesburg Demo (Vol. 0). There is no payment, after checkout the sample set licence will apper among your products inside your Sonus Paradisi user account.
  • demo limitations - a selection of 20 stops available. This results in presenting a smaller-sized Romantic instrument, ready for real music performance - for free.
  • All perspectives: dry, front (diffuse), rear (surround) are included.
  • The stop list:
    I. man. II. man. Ped.
    Jubal-Flöte 8' Harmonika 8' Subbass 16'
    Gemshorn 8' Doppel-Gedackt 8' Prinzipalbass 16'
    Viola di Gamba 8' Flute-harmonique 8' Flötenbass 8'
    Gross-Prinzipal 8' Cello 8' Violoncello 8'
    Praestant 4' Flöten-Prinzipal 8'    Mixtur V
    Mixtur V Orchesterflöte 4' Posaune 16'
    Piccolo 2'
    Orchester Oboe 8'
  • All the couplers are available, including the II-I supercoupler.
  • Requirements: Your computer should have at least 32 GB of RAM installed to run this sample set in a sufficient quality (at least 20-bit depth).