Billerbeck-Dom Sample Set, Vol. 1 (Demo)

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Orgelbau Fleiter, Demo sample set , 8 channels, plain wave format (no encryption). Hauptwerk v.4.2 or higher required (incl. HW5).
Free to download. 30 stops, 4 manuals+pedal. To download, add to the cart and go through the checkout. No payment required. The licence to the demo set will be added to your account together with the download links (see "My Products") zone inside your account. Billerbeck-Dom, vol.1 consists of 8 parts. All parts must be downloaded to the same folder and after all the parts had been downloaded, it is possible to install the set from the Hauptwerk File menu.
RAM consumption: 26GB in 16bit!
Price: Excl. Tax: €0.00 Incl. Tax *: €0.00 Excl. Tax
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