Billerbeck-Dom Sample Set, Vol.3, Semi-dry variant

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Orgelbau Fleiter, semi-dry variant , 2 channels, plain wave format (no encryption). Minimum Hauptwerk version: 4.2. (Also works in all higher versions.)

Two volumes have to be installed to run the full edition of the sample set.
Vol.1 consists of 8 parts. It is the free Demo sample set.
Vol. 3 consists of 5 parts.
All parts have to be downloaded before the installation can start from Hauptwerk File menu.
The semi-dry channels may also be used as a part of 8-channel surround sample set, by installing also the Vol.2.

Price: Excl. Tax: €0.00 Incl. Tax *: €0.00

*) more info about TAX
1 x Billerbeck-Dom Sample Set, Vol. 1 (Demo)   +€0.00
1 x Billerbeck-Dom Sample set, Vol. 3 (semi-dry channels)   +€279.00 (+€337.59 Incl. Tax)

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