Kdousov Wet Software Sample set (download only)

Price: Excl. Tax: €60.00 Incl. Tax *: €72.60 Excl. Tax
Full version download
Kdousov Installation Package
Kdousov Wet. The sample set is available for download (full version). No installation media shipping. Minimum Hauptwerk version: 4.2. (Also works in all higher versions.)

Please download the sample set, install, and test before the payment. You can test the full version without any limitations in function. The inscriptiion displayed on the front page of the sample set (when loaded) kindly asking you to pay for the sample set is removed after the payment.

After you find the sample set suiting your needs, you can make your payment here. If you wish to make larger contribution, you may simply put as many "copies" of the sample set into your cart as necessary to reach the desired level.
Price: Excl. Tax: €60.00 Incl. Tax *: €72.60 Excl. Tax
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