Cecilia VPO

Cecilia VPO

Cecilia VPO appeared in January 2022. Its GUI and menus are simple and almonst self-explanatory. Rather than reproducing faithfully every feature of a particular organ, it gives all the features one might reasonably expect from an organ and the user can use none/some/all of them at own wish. Thus, swell boxes, tremulants, crescendos, reverb, all sort of couplers, combinations, ... all this is at user's disposal for every division for any organ. It supports user profiles. Various settings for a particular organ can be stored and recalled easily.

Cecilia VPO offers basic pipe voicing features, various temperaments, including the temperament rotations! Randomization of casual pitch errors (multi-channel aware), and pipe coupling are native to Cecilia VPO.

The best feature of the software is its ability to use simultaneously many sound cards! If you happen to have several older two channel sound cards, connect them all to the computer and use them all together for a multi-channel audio.

The software is free of charge for the end user, and the development of the software is supported by the sample set producers - part of the price of a sample set goes to the Cecilia software developers.

At this moment (january 2022) several free demo sample sets are available. These include Sonus Paradisi Menesterol sample set, Kdousov, Velesovo, Doesburg. The sample sets are accessible from the Cecilia VPO web page for now. Please test the Cecilia VPO yourself free of charge, and give feedback to the creator, he will be very grateful for your bug reports, feature requests, criticism, etc.

During the year 2022, all Sonus Paradisi sample sets should appear in the Cecilia variant, too. They will appear in the Sonus Paradisi e-shop. But gradually, it is too much work.