Rotterdam DEMO sample set (surround)

Free sample set featuring a cut down version of the Rotterdam sample set.

  • demo limitations - a selection of 24 stops available. This results in presenting a mid-sized instrument in surround, ready for every day practicing - for free. No encryption, no further limitatons.
  • The stop list includes 6 reed stops and two mixtures!
  • The stop list:
    Rugwerk Hoofdwerk Bovenwerk Borstwerk Chamade Pedaal
    Holpijp 8 Octaaf 8 Roerfluit 8 Blockfluit 4 Clarin 4 (bass) Subbass 16
    Octaaf 4 Octaaf 4 Viola di Gamba 8 Octaaf 2 Trompeta de batala 8 (desc.) Octaaf 8
    Woudfluit 2 Octaaf 2 Openfluit 4 Fluit 1
    Mixtuur  Scherp Roerquint 2 2/3 Bazuin 16
    Terz 1 3/5
     Kromhoorn 8  Trompet 16  Vox humana 8
  • Requirements: Your computer should have at least 16 GB of RAM installed to run this sample set in a sufficient quality (at least 20-bit depth).
  • Suggested use as a two manual mid-sized instrument: Attach Rugwerk + Borstwerk to the same MIDI keyboard, thus getting 7-stop Positiv organ Attach Hoofdwerk + Bovenwerk to the same MIDI keyboard, thus getting 11-stop Great division Leave Chamade as it is to get a division which can be played from both manuals as a Solo To get fuller Pedaal, use Positive of Great coupler
  • Attention, the download requires a lot of internet resources on your side, it is 3 packages of data (alltogether 10.2 GB). All three must be downloaded and installed. This demo set is similar in size to a number of commercial sample sets.
  • Download from the web presentation of the sample set.