• Impulse responses for Hauptwerk

    Hundreds of impulse responses from many various churches and other buildings are available for use with Hauptwerk 5 or higher version. A comprehensive IR guide is available in PDF for easy orientation. Hauptwerk contains a tiny selection of impulse responses from the Sonus Paradisi collection by default, so that every user of Hauptwerk can experiment with the convolution reverb. Explore this new world yourself.

  • Understanding Hauptwerk mixer

    Frankly, the mixer introduced first in Hauptwerk 5 (similar in Hauptwerk 6) is probably the most tortuous piece of software I have ever met. It is very powerful, but it can hardly be understood by a human being. It took me about 2 months to understand its functionalities. Hauptwerk user manual was of some help, but even reading it 3 times over, I still could not understand the fundamental concept of the mixer, and therefore I could not really master it. A simple advice helped me to finally get the insight. Continue reading

  • Sample sets for Hauptwerk 5 ready

    All Sonus Paradisi sample sets are Hauptwerk 5 (and 6) ready!

    Unencrypted sample sets are ready for Hauptwerk 5 or 6 natively. No update or upgrade is necessary. The sample sets run smoothly in the new Hauptwerk after the upgrade from Hauptwerk 4.

    Encrypted sample sets must be reinstalled. All the sample sets were updated with the Hauptwerk 5 versions. These are good also for Hauptwerk 6. Continue reading

  • Hauptwerk 5, iLok and internet connection

    A question from a user e-mail:
    Must a computer have an internet connection active when Hauptwerk 5 loads sample sets encrypted by an iLok? Continue reading

  • Smecno extension pack

    Christoph Schmitz created very useful extension pack for Smecno.
    It can be obtained from his webpage.

  • St. Pons sample set

    The Demo sample set of the J. B. Micot's virtual organ of St. Pons is ready for free download.

    Continue reading

  • Piacenza - Padre Davide Virtual Organ

    The Demo sample set of the Padre Davide Italian Romantic instrument from Piacenza, St. Maria in Campagna, built by Fratelli Serassi is ready for free download.

    Continue reading

  • Munetaka Yokota Virtual Organ

    The Demo sample set of the Chico Centennial Organ of Munetaka Yokota is ready for free download. Continue reading

  • William Hill Demo Sample Set

    The Demo sample set of the English Romantic virtual organ of William Hill is ready for free download.  Continue reading

  • Casavant Demo sample set

    A demo sample set of the Casavant Surround Sample set is available. The demo set forms a luxurious virtual instrument of rich 3 manuals and a pedal. Altogether 26 speaking stops. Usable as a stand-alone virtual organ. Continue reading

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