Krzeszow DEMO sample set

Free sample set featuring a cut down version of the Krzeszow sample set.

  • Download link
  • demo limitations - small selection of stops available, limited to the front (wet) ranks - no surround. However, a care was taken that this mini instrument may still be used as a small stand-alone full featured organ, especially if the BrustW and the HauptW are coupled together to one Werk.
  • the stop list:
    Positiv BrustW HauptW Pedal
    Flaut amabile 8 Principal 8 Gamba 16 Subbass 16
    Quintadena 8 Flaut minor 4 Gemshorn 8 Octavbass 8
    Superoctava 2 Quinta 3 Octava 4 Trompetbass 8
    Sedecima 1 Superoctava 2 Cimbel