Downloading the sample sets

It may be difficult to download sample sets from the Sonus Paradisi web pages, because they are very big files. The only reliable way how to download such huge files over internet is by using some download manager.  We have tested several download managers in Windows environment, FlashGet performs very well (some users report that there are too many add-ons making your computer more vulnerable to infection, though), but there is a lot of other similar tools. For Mac computers, one user reported that iGetter worked very well. Unfortunately, download managers sometimes change names of the downloaded files. In that case, you will need to rename the files after download to make Hauptwerk to install them.
There was also a user successfully using the DownTemAll download manager for FireFox. He reported excellent download results with this tool.

Furthermore, if you need to bring the downloaded file onto a different computer, it is important to use the removable media (USB stick or portable harddrive) formatted to the NTFS partition. FAT partitions can hold only limited file sizes and Hauptwerk installation packages are sometimes oversized and cannot be copied onto a media FAT formatted.

Finally, the experience teaches, that there is rather high probability that the downloaded files will contain errors, which comes from the non-stable internet connection between the server and your computer. If you discover, that there are errors in the downloaded files, it is not a good idea to try to download again - the new files are likely to have errors as well, although perhaps in different places... The good idea is to try to repair them instead. The installation packages are ordinary RAR archives. All the RAR archives from Sonus Paradisi have the repair information stored inside them and so they may be repaired in many cases. To do it, you would need to have a Windows computer, get the WinRAR program and there is the repair utility available (its use is intuitive). Then, after the repair, you would load the repaired files into Hauptwerk. Attention: the repair program will change the filename by inserting additional characters to it, and so Hauptwerk will not recognize the files. You will need to rename the repaired files back to the original filenames to get Hauptwerk loading them. If you cannot get the files working anyway, please write to me an e-mail and we will easily solve it.