Cecilia - MIDI Organ Module

I have the pleasure to introduce a piece of Hardware. Cecilia is a MIDI expander, a hardware module, a stand-alone virtual pipe organ. When connected to a keyboard or, better, two keyboards + a pedalboard via a MIDI cable, it will give the sound of a mid-sized North German Baroque Organ (20 speaking stops).

Cecilia is a product of SmartOrgan.eu company, which is not related to Sonus Paradisi in any way, but Sonus Paradisi samples were used inside this module as the virtual pipes. Given that this module is a product of a digital organ rank, the samples prepared by Sonus Paradisi were polished considerably more than for the usual Hauptwerk use, so that the voicing is pretty even, tuning perfect, with no potentially disturbing variations.

Cecilia is not Hauptwerk related, it is not MyOrgan (or any other existing sampler) related, it is proprietary hardware solution of a friend of mine Jakub from SmartOrgan.eu. I could test this module for some time and I found it working reliably. The ease of installation and totally intuitive use makes it perfect for places where struggling with a computer, software installation, taking care of sound card latencies and such like are unwanted. Simpy plug-in the MIDI keyboard on one side, the amplifier (or headphones) on the other side, and play.