Bergen op Zoom - demo sample set

Bergen op Zoom Ibach organ, op. 111, is available in a virtual form of a sample set for the Haupwerk software. The DEMO sample set is available for free download. The installation packages can be downloaded directly from the presentation pages of the sample set. The demo stops available:

  • HW: Principal 16, Principal 8, Viola di Gamba 8, Gross Gedackt 8, Gemshorn 8, Octave 4
  • Pos: all stops, i.e. Bourdon 16, Principal 8, Rohrflaut 8, Basset Horn 8, Octave 4, Flauto Dolce 4, Flautino 2, Mixtur III, Fagot-Oboe 8.

The semi-dry and the surround variants are available in a form of a cut-down sample set of limited stop list. The demo sample sets contain the full Manual 2 (all stops), and in addition to that, a small selection of stops from the Manual 1.