How to order a sample set?

1.) Create your account at Sonus Paradisi e-shop if you do not have one.

  • Click My Account in the upper menu.
  • Click "Create an Account" button.
  • Fill in the required information and click "Submit", the account is created.
  • In the Addresses form (accessible through My Account menu), fill in your billing address and also a shipping address if you wish to have the installation media shipped.
  • By starting the acount on the Sonus Paradisi web site, you are eligible for the loyalty (discount) program.

Alternatively, if you have an account already, simply log in.

2.) Browse the sample set catalog (menu Organs) and put the desired sample set into the Cart.

  • The default delivery for each of the sample set is download. Simply order your product for download.
  • [If you think you cannot download huge amount of data successfully from the internet (one sample set may be distributed in packages as big as 20 GB or more!), then you can ask for physical installation media to be shipped to you later.  The installation media cannot be ordered from the web catalog, but the installation media can be ordered from within your Sonus Paradisi account, see the section "My Products". You can order the installation media for any product which you have purchased previously in the form of download and which is listed in the "My Products" section.]

3.) Click Checkout in the upper menu and follow the steps required to complete the order.

4.) At the end of the Checkout process, you will be taken to the PayPal gateway. Log into your PayPal account and make the payment. If you fail to make the payment right after the completition of the order, your order will be canceled and no sample set delivered.
A note about credit card payments: you can pay with a credit card without having PayPal account. PayPal will process for me your credit card payment. However, the experinece shows that these payments are often unsuccessfull because of the transaction limits you may have on the card regarding internet payments. For example, if you have set 500 EUR transaction limit on your card, you will not be able to pay for a shopping cart containing sample sets for 600 EUR. Your bank will refuse to make such a payment and therefore the order will be canceled and no sample sets delivered. I recommend first checking your limits on the credit card before making the order. Of course, the fastest way to order is to have your own PayPal account, having enough money on it for the purchase before you make the order. In that case, the payment is instant and no problems can arise.
A note about alternative payment methods: if you cannot pay by Paypal, please write to me and we can arrange an alternative payment method (bank transfer). In any case, I need to enable the alternative payment method before you make the order! So, please write to me before you make the order if you cannot pay by PayPal.

What happens after the checkout

After you have done the chekout and you have also done your payment at the PayPal website, the order is in the processing state. At this point, I must come from the other side and process the order manually, checking that everything is OK, processing the download links. Hence, the orders are not processed automatically. This will necessarily cause a gap between your order and the delivery of the item. It is not usually longer than several hours, but in adversary conditions, this may be also several days (normally not more than 3 days). I am sorry for this delay, but sometimes it is not possible for me to process the orders every minute. When I am on an organ recording trip, or when I am on holidays, I may eventually have no access to the internet, and therefore no order processing may happen. Please excuse the possible delay in processing the order.

Please note, that the money are transfered to my account only at the moment when I process the order. At that very moment, the download links are generated, so there is no delay between the money transfer and the delivery of the download links. This arrangement is done for the fairness of the bussiness. Hence, at the moment of your checkout, when you make your PayPal payment, there are no money transfered to my account yet, you are only giving the authorisation to PayPal to transfer money to me later, after I process your order.


The prefered and the primary delivery method is download. After the order is paid and processed, the download links are generated and you can find them available inside your Sonus Paradisi account. Simply log into your Sonus Paradisi account and look for the My Products zone. All your downloadable products are found there. A confirmation e-mail is also sent about the download links available, but it is often the case that these e-mails end in a spam bin of your mail server. You may try to put the address of the e-shop to a white list of your e-mail server, if you can. But even if you get no e-mail, the download links are always available to you inside your Sonus Paradisi account.

Before you see you download links, you must accept the licence (e-shop tells you where to click to accept the licence). Simply see your My Products section inside your Sonus Paradisi account.

The download packages are huge, usually about 4 GB each (yes, GigaBytes), i.e. one full DVD each. One single sample set may be distributed in 3-6 such big packages... hence, it is usually difficult to download these packages directly from your web browser (unless your specific browse has a good download manager built-in, such as Opera). You may try downloading directly from within your web browser and it will work if your internet connectivity is high speed (tested successfully with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). If your connection is slower or unstable, be ready that the data stream may interrupt several times, often causing the Hauptwerk installation file to be corrupt. The only way to download huge files over internet, if the connection is unstable, is using some download manager, which must be able to resume interrupted data stream if such situation happens. However, free download tools for downloading tend to be ugly with the advertisements spreading all over your computer, trying to convince you to buy some more powerful version of the tool. Unfortunately, download managers sometimes change names of the downloaded files. In that case, you will need to rename the files after download to make Hauptwerk to install them. 

For the choise of the download manager, users reported: for Mac, iGetter worked well. On Windows, EagleGet worked, FlashGet does not work at all. For Google Chrome, their own FreeDownload plugin must be used. DownThemAll for Firefox is reported to download nicely, but it changed the file names. There may be other tools which could probably work well.

How to change the filenames back, after downloading, if the download manager changed the names? If Hauptwerk is able to "see" your downloaded files during the installation, then, everything is OK. You can skip the rest of this paragraph. If you downloaded the files, but Hauptwerk does not "see" them, the filenames were changed, probably. What is important, it is the extension of the filename. The files must always have this ending: .CompPkg.Hauptwerk.rar or .CompPkg_Hauptwerk_rar

An important note:  the experience teaches, that there is rather high probability that the downloaded files will contain errors, as a result of the unstable internet connection between the server and your computer. If you discover, that there are errors in the downloaded files, it is not a good idea to try to download again - the new files are likely to have errors as well, although perhaps in different places... The good idea is to try to repair them instead. The installation packages are ordinary RAR archives. All the RAR archives from Sonus Paradisi have the repair information stored inside them and so they may be repaired in many cases. To do it, you would need to have a Windows computer, get the WinRAR program and there is the repair utility available (its use is intuitive). Then, after the repair, you would load the repaired files into Hauptwerk. Attention: the repair program will insert one more word into the filename, and so Hauptwerk will not recognize the files. You will need to rename the repaired files back to the original filenames to get Hauptwerk loading them. If you cannot get the files working anyway, please write to me an e-mail and we will easily solve it.

Physical installation media order: If you are not able to download the installation packages from the web, you can order the delivery of the physical installation media (typically, a DVD box). You can order the installation media directly from your My Products section, simply click the "Media Order" icon which is present for each sample set you have purchased.


The installation packages are rar archives. However, the user should not normally attempt unpacking them manually. The installation of the sample set is simply done from within Hauptwerk itself. 1) Run Hauptwerk. 2) Go to FILE menu and select the "Install organ ..." menu entry. 3) A dialog box opens. Navigate through the directory tree to the installation package and select the first installation package. 4) Let Hauptwerk do its job unpacking and installing the package. 5) Repeat the same for all downloaded installation packages.

Dongle update (for the encrypted sample sets only!)

For the plain wave format sample sets, no dongle update is necessary. The sample set will load as soon as installed. If the sample set is sold encrypted (always clearly shown in the product description), you will need to update your Hauptwerk dongle to be able to run the sample set. The process is simple and it is entirely handled directly by Milan Digital Audio. This is how the process of dongle update usually happens:

1. Sonus Paradisi gives Milan Digital Audio the notice about your purchase.

2. Milan Digital Audio writes an e-mail to the customer with their Reference number.

3. They also send precise instructions how to export the dongle update request file from inside Hauptwerk FILE menu, and how to send it to Milan Digital Audio.

4. A few minutes later (usually) Milan Digital Audio sends the dongle update file which the user writes to the dongle via the Hauptwerk FILE menu.

A note on DVD media reliability

After many years of experience, I must say that when shipping of the DVD media is required by the user, these DVD media arrive sometimes unusable to the customer. This is due to various reasons (damage on the way, degradation of the burned surface, casual errors, compatibility with DVD readers...) and I am unable to prevent these. I would stress that bad compatibility between the media and the DVD drivers seems to be the most fragile moment and it is also the most frustrating one, since I can do absolutely nothing about that. If it happens, that the media is unreadable in your computer, please contact me and I will send a replacement (or as many replacements needed until at least one copy is readable in your computer). This is the only workaround I am aware of, although it is very unpleasant that the time needed for the user to install the sample set successfully gets very long - until the replacement disk reach him. I am really sorry for this and please accept my apologies even before this happens.