St. Omer price reduced permanently

St. Omer sample set is enjoying a tremendous popularity by now. It is highly esteemed in fora of virtual organ lovers. It is very well received on the Therefore, I am happy to do what I did with St. Maximin sample set sample set in remote past: the price can now be reduced significantly, to allow the lower-budget users to afford the St. Omer sample set.

I decided to reduce St. Omer sample set price by 119 EUR. The former price was 492 EUR, the new price is 373.60 EUR (without VAT).

However, those who paid the full price for St. Omer could eventually feel cheated by this price drop. No, they are not. Each one of those who bought St. Omer sample set up to now (19th September, 2014) get high discount on the newly introduced sample set: Brasov virtual organ. The discount of 120 EUR fully covers the difference between the original and new price of St. Omer. Each one of the St. Omer sample set owners will be notified about this arrangement when the Brasov sample set is finally out. Clara pacta, boni amici.

The discounted price for the Brasov sample set will be calculated automatically when such a user logs into his Sonus Paradisi account. This functionality should be covered by the mechanism dynamically reducing the price built into the accounting e-shop engine, which will be introduced at the same time with the Brasov sample set (within 2 days or so).