St. Martini, Groningen, Demo Set

Groningen, St. Martini demo sample sets is  available for free download. It is formed by the St. Martini Core Media package, or the "Volume 0", composed of these stops:


Rugwerk Hoofdwerk Bovenwerk Pedaal
Praestant 8' Gedekt 8' Octaav 4' Subbass 16'
Roerfluit 8' Mixtuur
Spitsfluit 4' Vox Humana 8'
Octaav 2'
 Nasat 3'


The selection was made so as to form a charming and perfectly stand-alone little instrument of 10 stops. All the stops are in the full quality, including all the tremulant samples (both tremulants for RW stops!) and all 8 channels of the full surround (direct, diffuse, distant, rear). Semi-dry demo set is also available separately.

Download surround:

  • part1
  • part2
  • part3
  • part4
  • The installer works in HW5. It may work in HW4.2, although HW4.2 have sometimes problems installing multipart archives.

Download semi-dry:

Full sample set trial iLok codes for 7 days (Hauptwerk 5 only):

For a limited time, that I am willing to distribute free trial iLok codes to interested users who would like to test the FULL St. Martini sample set in the 8-channel Surround before buying. The testing time should be 7 days. Then, the code expires. Anyone may ask by email for them and I would send them through the Sonus Paradisi web system. A user account on Sonus Paradisi web pages is required for receiving the trial iLok codes for the St. Martini. The codes are distributed through the user accounts, not sent by email.

The correct procedure to get the trial iLok codes for St. Martini:
1.) create a user account on Sonus Paradisi web pages, if you do not have one.
2.) Ask for the codes by email (or by the contact form on the web pages), indicating which account is yours.
3.) I will attach the codes to the user account.
4.) Install St. Martini sample set from the direct download links. It is important to install the sample set first, because you do not loose your precious testing time. Do not forget to install all the packages before attempting to run the sample set. It is not enough to install just one package, all must be installed to run the full version of the sample set.
5.) Activate the codes on your iLok.
6.) Run the sample set and test.

Direct download links:

  • The download of the sample set (demo and full) is possible also using the direct download links. I recommend using the direct download links for very fast download.