Sonus Paradisi Best-sellers of 2017

According to the statistics of the last 12 months, I discovered, that there are two more candidates for the Sonus Paradisi best sellers: the Zutphen sample set and the Aeolian-Skinner sample set. According to the amount of pieces sold during the last year, these two sample set superated the otherwise unshakable position of the eternal bestsellers, such as Freiberg sample set or Zwolle sample set. It is only the Caen sample set which was selling more than Zutphen and Aeolian-Skinner during the last year.

In longer term, it is the Goerlitz Sonnenorgel sample set which gradually makes its way to the top. Taking into the account the last 3 years in terms of the amount of the copies sold, the top 10 Sonus Paradisi sample sets count like this: Caen, Utrecht, Rotterdam Hoofdorgel, Freiberg, Zwolle, Zutphen, Goerlitz, Aeolian-Skinner, Rotterdam Transept, Rosales.

To welcome the newbies, I decided to apply a small discount to them, both Zutphen and Aeolian-Skinner are now sold with 10 percent discount for a limited period of time.