• Media ordering apart from download

    The DVD media ordering changed on the Sonus Paradisi web pages. The media cannot be ordered together with the download. The installation media (DVD boxes) are now to be ordered from within the user account (the My Products section). Continue reading

  • Freiberg version 2.5 - demo

    Freiberg version 2.5 has been released. The demo is available directly from the presentation of the sample set.

  • E-shop up and running

    The e-shop is now fully functional again. The break was somewhat longer than expected. To celebrate the new version of the e-shop, there is a small discount until 8th February.

  • E-shop closed at turn of the year 2014-15

    The e-shop will close on 29th December 2014 for an upgrade. It should reopen 2nd January 2015. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will try to do a substantial upgrade to the e-shop during this time.

  • Caen sample set - anches default to on

    Many users prefer if the Caen anches stops default to on, so that the reeds start to sound immediately when they are engaged. For this reason, there is no Caen ODF version 2.51.
    Continue reading

  • Rotterdam Transept Sample Set Demo

    Demo version of Rotterdam Transept Sample Set is available! Continue reading

  • Loyalty discount program extended

    Fidelity must be rewarded ... again. Sonus Paradisi is now extending the loyalty discount program.
    The prices of selected sample sets are now dynamically reduced according to the portfolio of the sample sets already bought in past. Your price is displayed after you log into your Sonus Paradisi account. The first sample set with dynamically reduced prices is the Brasov sample set.
    Continue reading

  • Brasov free demo sample set

    The demo version of the Brasov sample set is now available. Early Romantic German style instrument from 1836-1839, designed on 4 manuals and pedal. It is necessary to download all 3 available packages and install all of them into Hauptwerk.
    Continue reading

  • St. Omer price reduced permanently

    St. Omer sample set is enjoying a tremendous popularity by now. It is highly esteemed in fora of virtual organ lovers. It is very well received on the Therefore, I am happy to do what I did with St. Maximin sample set sample set in remote past: the price can now be reduced significantly, to allow the lower-budget users to afford the St. Omer sample set. Continue reading

  • Wet from Surround, how to?

    Many Sonus Paradisi sample sets are sold as surround, i.e. having 4 channels for each organ stop. Two front channels, plus two rear channels.
    Sometimes, one may desire to load the sample set as a conventional two channel stereo sample set, so called wet sample set. This is good for the use in headphones, or with a single pair of speakers.
    Continue reading

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