Menesterol - GrandOrgue ODF

The sample sets of Sonus Paradisi are ready for the Hauptwerk software (current version 4.0).

Majority of them is, nonetheless, distributed in a plain wave format. This leaves the possibility open to port them to any other major software sampler. Obviously, this requires more or less work on the side of the customer who must perform such a portation himself. Sonus Paradisi is not providing any support concerning this work.

However, thanks to volunteers, there is also GrandOrgue definition available for selected sample sets. It is possible to load the Menesterol sample set into the GrandOrgue software, using the samples purchased at Sonus Paradisi, while using the ODF (Organ Definition File) supplied by a third party. For the Menesterol sample set, the ODF is available from MPS Orgelsite.

Attention! The Menesterol virtual organ from the MPS Orgelsite will work in GrandOrgue if only the original Hauptwerk version of the Menesterol sample set from Sonus Paradisi is installed prior to launching the GrandOrgue ODF.