Loyalty discount program extended

Fidelity must be rewarded ... again. Sonus Paradisi is now extending the loyalty discount program.
The prices of selected sample sets are now dynamically reduced according to the portfolio of the sample sets already bought in past. Your price is displayed after you log into your Sonus Paradisi account. The first sample set with dynamically reduced prices is the Brasov sample set.

To order it, please follow the standard order procedure: put the sample set into the cart and proceed to the checkout. The price will always be discounted based on the sample sets bought in past.

This system helps you to make your own custom "bundles" of Sonus Paradisi sample sets while you can still buy them "in pieces" over longer period of time. At the same time, the discounted price is not reserved just for new buyers, but those who bought some of the sample sets in remote past, can still benefit from this "bundle" discount.

Just a small example: If you bought the Doesburg sample set in past, then St. Maximin , then Krzeszow , you can now complete the Sonus Paradisi "bundle" by acquiring the Brasov sample set for a fraction of its list price.

The list of all the discounts can be found at the footer of this web page - look for the "Loyalty Discounts" link.

In addition to that: the loyalty discount coupons are still applicable! The price of the new sample sets can get really low now!