Hauptwerk 5, iLok and internet connection

A question from a user e-mail:
Must a computer have an internet connection active when Hauptwerk 5 loads sample sets encrypted by an iLok?

The answer is: No! Hauptwerk 5 works without an internet connection!
This is valid when the licences are stored on an iLok. It is a small USB stick similar to the former Hauptwerk dongle. There are other ways to store the licences (computer itself, cloud...) and some of those methods may need the internet connection active all the time.

But if you decide to store your licences on an iLok, then, your Hauptwerk computer does not need any internet connection.

Nevertheless, the internet connection is necessary when the iLok is being updated
with the redeem code.

You can plug your iLok to any internet computer, do the update there.
Then, unplug the iLok from the internet computer, transfer it to
the Hauptwerk computer (no internet), plug the iLok into the
Hauptwerk computer and run the sample set without any problem.

The process of updating the iLok with the redeem code is described on my web pages (read the bottom of the page).