Goerlitz - Sonnenorgel - Installation Guide

Installation guide for the Goerlitz sample set

The sample set is distributed in volumes. Each volume cosists of an installation package split to multiple parts. All parts must be downloaded and installed into Hauptwerk.

The volumes:

Volume 1) DEMO edition - consists of 2 parts
Volume 2) Small edition - consists of 3 parts
Volume 3) Medium edition - consists of 4 parts
Volume 4) Full edition - consists of 4 parts

DEMO edition

Download both parts of the Volume 1. Save both parts into the same folder on your computer. Run the installation through Hauptwerk FILE menu. Navigate to the folder where you have saved both the parts of the Volume 1. Make Hauptwerk isntall the part1 only. It will automatically install the part1 and also the part2. There is no need to run the installation twice (for each part separately).

Small edition

The volumes are not cummulative. Therefore, to install the Small edition, volume 1 and 2 must be both installed. Hence, first install the volume 1 (= DEMO edition) and then volume 2 on top of it.

Medium edition

To install the Medium edition, volume 1 + 2 + 3 must all be installed. Hence, first install the volume 1 (= DEMO edition), then volume 2 (= Small edition) and then volume 3 on top of it.

Full edition

To install the Full edition, volumes 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 must all be installed. Hence, first install the volume 1 (=DEMO edition), then volume 2 (=Small edition), then volume 3 (=Medium edition) and then volume 4 on top of it.

Remark - corrupt downloaded files

Sometimes, a part of the installation package may be corrupt due to the size of the download. When installing, Hauptwerk will always say that the part1 is corrupt. It may be that the part 2 or part 3 is corrupt, but Hauptwerk does not know how to refer to the later parts! So, it always says that only the part no. 1 is corrupt, but in reality, it may be any part corrupt. There is md5 checksum available, so you can check which part is corrupt by controlling the md5. Then, you can try to download that part again and repeat the installation.