Goerlitz - Sonnenorgel Free DEMO Sample Set

The demo version of the Goerlitz Sonnenorgel sample set is now available. The installation packages can be downloaded directly from the presentation pages of the sample set.

For the limited number of stops, the full 6 channel surround mixing capability is available! Using the mixer tab of the sample set, it is possible to vary the listening position, from being close to pipes, to being down in the church nave.

Download here

The limitation of the demo version is the limited number of sounding stops available:

  • The stop list:
    Hauptwerk Brustwerk Pedal
    Gross-Octava 8' Gedackt 8' Sub-Bass 16'
    Hohl-Flöt 8'  Ged. Fleut 4' Fagotti 16'
     Octava 4'  Nassat 3'
     Trompet 8'  Gems-Horn 2'


Installation tips

Evert Jan provided useful installation tips, please follow them to make your installation of the sample set successful:

You should rely on the md5 checksum after the download to verify that the download was correct.

For the demo set I have the following info:
MD5 checksum of Goerlitz____1_.CompPkg.Hauptwerk.rar:
File size: 4.698.669.056 bytes
MD5 checksum of Goerlitz____1_.CompPkg.Hauptwerk.r00:
File size: bytes

First do a check with winmd5 (http://www.winmd5.com). The sum calculated by the tool using your downloaded file must match the value listed above. If they differ, the downloaded file is corrupt.

Because file size of file no. 1 you can't use a standard USB stick for transferring the file to your HW PC. This stick must be in Fat32ext of NTFS format.

You can also repair the corrupted RAR file using Winrar. See http://www.sonusparadisi.cz/en/blog/downloading-the-sample-sets/

Finally, to install into Hauptwerk, both files (both parts of the archive) have to sit together inside a single folder on your computer, where Hauptwerk will be able to install them from. Hence, first download both files into the same location, then run the Hauptwerk installation. Installing this demo, you always have to start with the Goerlitz____1_.CompPkg.Hauptwerk.rar file; the second will be installed automatically.

Any attempt to install only one of the parts alone will necessarily fail and give a crc error.