Doesburg DEMO sample set (front ranks)

Free sample set featuring a cut down version of the Doesburg sample set.

  • Download link.
  • demo limitations - a selection of 20 stops available. This results in presenting a smaller-sized Romantic instrument, ready for real music performance - for free. Only front ranks are included, the rear ranks are not part of this demo set.
  • The care was taken to present the "spirit" of the organ. It is certainly not about the individualism of each stop. The idea behind this type of an organ is totally different. It must give a homogeneous, dynamic sound for the symphonic type of playing. So, even in the limited stoplist of the demo, the idea rulling its design was to  allow for a very smooth transitions between the pp and ff; while in ff it allows to feel something from the grand complete Doesburg sample set. It was therefore necessary to include at least one of the divisions in its almost complete variety of the 8' stops (the second manual) and a half of the main division (the first manual). The manuals should be mostly used coupled together and linked to the pedal. Then, the sound invites the user to proceed to the full version of the Doesburg sample set.
  • The stop list:
    I. man. II. man. Ped.
    Jubal-Flöte 8' Harmonika 8' Subbass 16'
    Gemshorn 8' Doppel-Gedackt 8' Prinzipalbass 16'
    Viola di Gamba 8' Flute-harmonique 8' Flötenbass 8'
    Gross-Prinzipal 8' Cello 8' Violoncello 8'
    Praestant 4' Flöten-Prinzipal 8'    Mixtur V
    Mixtur V Orchesterflöte 4' Posaune 16'
    Piccolo 2'
    Orchester Oboe 8'
  • All the couplers are available, including the II-I supercoupler. In addition to that, a special I-I super coupler was added (attached to the unused III-I supercoupler stop label). The crescendo roller was adjusted to fit for the stops included in the demo.
  • Requirements: Your computer should have at least 16 GB of RAM installed to run this sample set in a sufficient quality (at least 20-bit depth).