• Sample sets for Hauptwerk 5 ready

    All Sonus Paradisi sample sets are Hauptwerk 5 ready!

    Unencrypted sample sets are ready for Hauptwerk 5 natively. No update or upgrade is necessary. The sample sets run smoothly in Hauptwerk 5 after the upgrade from Hauptwerk 4.

    Encrypted sample sets must be reinstalled. All the sample sets were updated with the Hauptwerk 5 versions. Continue reading

  • Smecno extension pack

    Christoph Schmitz created very useful extension pack for Smecno.
    It can be obtained from his webpage.

  • Aristide no. 1, v. 2

    Aristide No. 1 is a composite sample set, which tries to imitate the sound of the the great Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ at Saint-Ouen in Rouen, France. The mixtures of Saint-Ouen have been reconstructed rank by rank using the original specifications. Continue reading

  • Santanyi - portrait screens available

    Christoph Schmitz kindly added portrait screens to the Santanyi sample set. Continue reading

  • Sonus Paradisi on Facebook

    Our presentation on Facebook is not rich, but it is still a tool of communicating issues more or less related to Hauptwerk work, organs, etc.
    If you wish to become a Facebook friend of Sonus Paradisi, you are kindly invited to visit our profile.

  • Krzeszow sample set starring

    Magnus Organs have made really amusing video promoting their hardware organ console. Krzeszow sample set was used for the demonstration. Continue reading

  • Carson Cooman: Czech Hymns

    I received an unexpected gift. Carson Cooman dedicated to me a few of his gifted compositions. The series is called A Czech Liturgical Year, five hymn preludes for organ. Continue reading

  • Media ordering apart from download

    The DVD media ordering changed on the Sonus Paradisi web pages. The media cannot be ordered together with the download. The installation media (DVD boxes) are now to be ordered from within the user account (the My Products section). Continue reading

  • St. Omer price reduced permanently

    St. Omer sample set is enjoying a tremendous popularity by now. It is highly esteemed in fora of virtual organ lovers. It is very well received on the Therefore, I am happy to do what I did with St. Maximin sample set sample set in remote past: the price can now be reduced significantly, to allow the lower-budget users to afford the St. Omer sample set. Continue reading

  • Cecilia - MIDI Organ Module

    I have the pleasure to introduce a piece of Hardware. Cecilia is a MIDI expander, a hardware module, a stand-alone virtual pipe organ. When connected to a keyboard or, better, two keyboards + a pedalboard via a MIDI cable, it will give the sound of a mid-sized North German Baroque Organ (20 speaking stops). Continue reading

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