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  • Rank Audio Output Routing for Rear Channels

    Hauptwerk advanced is necessary for the multiple channel audio output. Front channels can be routed into the front (default) speakers, while the rear channels into the rear speakers.

    The method to achieve this is the following: Continue reading

  • Aliasing due to repitching

    Hauptwerk v. 4.0 uses very sophisticated pitch control of the organ pipe sample. Repitching happens due to various circumstances: by tuning the instrument up or down, due to the wind fluctuations, due to the tremulant, due to changing temperaments, etc. Repitching has a lot of meaningful functions in Hauptwerk during performance even at the original organ tuning, unless the interpolation is switched off in the Organ Settings.

    At the same time, Hauptwerk produces some harmonic distortion when the sample is repitched by more than few cents. When the base pitch of the sample is sufficiently high, the harmonic distortion manifests itself as aliasing - new sub-harmonics are produced and heard more or less prominent. In this indirect way, repitching contributes to the audio distortion which affects playback. Continue reading

  • Do not load in 16-bit!

    While working on the Utrecht update, I am getting a number of useful bug reports from users which help to improve the sample set. However, I have also got a "bug report" from a user who was demonstrating to me high amount of distortion and noise in the sample set. I started the investigation of the problem and this is the result: you should always try to load the sample set at least in 20-bit resolution. Continue reading

  • Downloading the sample sets

    It may be difficult to download sample sets from the Sonus Paradisi web pages, because they are very big files. The only reliable way how to download such huge files over internet is by using some download manager.  Continue reading

  • Placing Virtual Organ in Church

    Well, difficult job. I cannot say I am an expert on these questions, but I have some limited experience. Here some generic suggestions when placing a virtual organ into a real church. Continue reading

  • Warning on Dry Sample Sets

    Sample sets are usually offered in several variants: Wet, Surround and Dry. The majority of people should opt for the wet or surround variant of the sample set where the church reverberation is included in the samples. The church organ usually sounds convincing only if immersed in the reverberation of the church building. A dry sample set - samples recorded close-up without any reverberation -  is ment for very special purposes, it is not a virtual instrument which can be played "out of the box". Continue reading

  • How to install a new sample set?

    The sample set is delivered in the form of Hauptwerk installation packages which are either downloaded or distributed on DVDs. These installation packages have to be installed into Hauptwerk prior to the use of the virtual organ. Continue reading

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